What is Placido-Shop ?

Placido-Shop is an online sales program designed to be fast and efficient.
Navigating through the tabs of your online store and the checkout step are fast and smooth.

It was created to provide an unparalleled online sales experience.

Placido-Shop allows your customers to buy quickly, without spending time filling out complex forms,
it allows to buy a product in two clicks, without stress and simply.

This program is easy to install and use, it allows you to deploy an online sales solution quickly.

Placido-Shop is a basic online sales program, it can be used as is but you can simply modify it to match your brand image or your technical needs.

This software is an open-source program under the GNU AGPL license.

In order to support our work,
you have the possibility of becoming official sponsor of Placido-Shop
Do not hesitate to contact us !